Written by in NewsDecember 5th, 2013

Jimmy Shubert n

Beverly Hills. CA – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – In this Thanksgiving Day episode of the Bardoux Show, host Rebecca Bardoux and Tony Batman have on national touring comedian Jimmy Shubert.

Jimmy Shubert comes on the show and talks about his history as a successful comedian and how during his long run on tour with Sam Kinison  gave him enough crazy stories for a lifetime. Shubert tells about an upcoming appearance on the ABC show “Back in the Game” with James Caan, and about his appearance on the Dave Attell’s Stand Up Comedy show on Comedy Central.

Batman asks Jimmy what the craziest story he has about being on tour with Sam Kinison, and being friends with Ron Jeremy.  Shubert says there are tons on them, but one of them that he heard about was the craziest from that crew from back in the day.  Jimmy says he heard that iconic rock star Billy Idol once had a woman stuff her fingers, in his, well you know, back side… Rebecca and Batman comment thats a perfect story for Thanksgiving since everyone will be stuffing their Turkey’s Butts.
Batman and Rebecca talk about what people are thankful for this year and what they plan on doing this Thanksgiving Day.

We hope you enjoy the show!!!


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